• Are you regularly uncomfortable at clubs, weddings,or parties where there’s dancing?
  • Do you watch others dancing, laughing, & having fun and think to yourself ‘damn, I wish I could do that’?
  • Are you sick and tired of standing on the sidelines at clubs because you feel uncomfortable, when you know you should be out in the crowd enjoying yourself?
  • Do you want to be the life of the party but struggle to bring out your funner, more outgoing self?


-Imagine how powerful it would feel to be able to walk out on any dance floor and know exactly what to do. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
-How would you feel if you could hear a song and instinctually bust out killer dance moves that make you the center of attention and the envy of every other guy in the room?
-How would it feel to be able to take a woman in your arms and dance the night away, song after song, all night long?
-How you would feel if you could dance like a rockstar, any time, any place? Would you be more confident? Meet more women? Have more fun in life?
-What if I told you that there was a way to learn and master the essentials of dancing in 14 days, and that you’d only need to practice 3 days a week and only 10 minutes a day. AND that you could learn everything in the privacy of your own home?



We got you covered. The only guide youll ever need to finally learn how to dance is right here, I promise, it will show you everything you need to know. 

Dance Floor Arsenal will teach you how to dance confidently at parties, clubs, weddings or anywhere theres a dance floor, through a complete 14 day system. 

But let me first tell you a story:I know how you feel because I struggled with dancing for years. I would go to clubs, wanting to meet women but was petrified because I didn’t know how to dance. I always observed that the people on the dance floor were the ones enjoying themselves, letting go and feeling alive while everyone else was on the sidelines or sitting idly at the bar, and the dance floor is generally where you would find lots of beautiful, vibrant, women.So I started to force myself to dance as well as I could and even began building small amounts of confidence, but then I started getting feedback, and it wasn’t too good. On the ride home after a night out dancing at a club with my girlfriend at the time, she turned to me and said four words that I’ll always remember: ‘you know you dance kinda funny.’Feeling entirely emasculated, I swallowed my pride and tried to laugh it off. Then came the second punch when she told me that her friend even said: ‘he’s a nice guy and all, but when he dances he is sooooo goofy!’K, that stung.About a year later at another club I approached a gorgeous woman on the dance floor and after dancing in front of her for about 10 minutes I asked her her name and she just looked at me and said: ‘you really should take a dance class, because what you’re doing…is not sexy.’ She walked away, leaving me feeling defeated. But this would be only temporarily.Fast forward two more years. I’m at a Black Eyed Peas concert with two women and I let loose and danced all night. I thought somehow my moves would just naturally look good since I was ‘feeling the music’. WRONG. As we were leaving, I overheard one of the girls say to the other: “why does he dance so weird?”I was crushed. Again.At this point, I realized that I had a problem, and now I was determined to find a way to get this dancing thing handled. For the next 4 months I took EVERY dance class I could; club, salsa, samba, tango YOU NAME IT, but here’s what I soon found out:

Why Most Dancing Classes Suck:

  • Most dance classes classes teach moves that are way too feminine for most guys to ever use in a club
  • Most students in dance students classes are NOT beginners, so teachers often teach complicated moves and present way too much information for beginners to retain
  • The learning process is entirely unstructured and theonly way to make the material stick is to take regular weekly lessons, which is a huge time commitment and can cost lots of money
  • Even if you find a good teacher, most 1 on 1 lessons start at $100/hour!!!


At this point, after years of struggling and spending countless hours and thousands of dollars on dance classes I was burnt out. I didn’t know it at the time but I was about to meet someone who was going to change everything.One night I was driving with a friend, telling him about my struggles with dancing and how I wanted a simple, straightforward system to learn how to dance that was geared towards guys and in an an instant, my friend nearly veered off the road as he turned to me to exclaim “oh my god you HAVE to meet Ben Weston!”He told me Ben Weston teaches regular guys how to dance in a straightforward, no BS kind of way and that Ben’s classes cut out all of the complicated choreography and inefficiencies and focused instead on the key essentials of dancing in a way that was relatable, actionable and even entertaining. Ben had a system. Ben had a solution. I had to take his class ASAP. I signed up right away.  My first lesson with Ben was a revelation. After he took me through two really simple exercises something just clicked. I got it. I found my rhythm. I’d hear a song and my legs and body would instantly respond and I’d be dancing effortlessly. After months of useless traditional dance classes, I was shocked at how easy it actually was to learn how to dance after utilizing Ben’s 3 key principles.So, shortly after going through Ben’s program I ventured out to a famous NY nightclub, armed with my new moves. Guess what happened… I became the center of attention, and owned the room instantly. I walked right out into the middle of the floor and I was BEAMING with energy, on beat, in rhythm, moving confidently and dynamically and feeling invincible. I danced with about 4 women that first night (2 of which approached me). I couldn’t keep myself off of the dance floor because all of a sudden I was just having so much fun.In the weeks that followed, I noticed that I looked forward to parties more and sought them out instead of avoiding them as I’d done in the past; I got more numbers, I rocked weddings, and I dated a lot more. But, there was this unexpected side effect: I was happier – I was having MORE FUN. I felt and embraced the fun, joy and infectious positive energy that dancing exudes. Yes, one of the main reasons I learned to dance was to meet more women, which I did, but with dancing also came a very powerful, positive, confident joy that I had more of in my life, and people began to comment that I appeared ‘happier’ and ‘more outgoing’. And it was all thanks to Ben.Like me, Ben struggled with dancing and tried to learn for years with little results. Then, on a dare and as a challenge to himself, he signed up to choreograph and perform a solo dance piece in front of a huge crowd. With 0 dance skills, he knew he had to learn quick so he pushed himself to learn the essentials of dancing in just two months before his big performance. This forced him to seek out the best teachers, focus on just the essentials and discard the rest. In the process, Ben crafted a highly effective dance education regiment that allowed him to speed learn how to dance. After a few stress induced bloody noses and one blackout on stage, he rocked his performance.Ben wanted to save other guys the pain and frustration of learning how to dance so he started teaching this very same system in his classes but soon wanted to extend his teachings to guys all over the world. Dance Floor Arsenal was born. Together Ben and I created the most dynamic and effective dance education system imaginable and it is this very system that we present to you now:

Dance Floor Arsenal is a complete dance education system designed to teach you how to dance in 2 weeks or less 

Best of all you can access the entire program instantly by downloading it to your computer so you can begin learning to dance right NOW.

The program is primarily centered around the most commonly heard music you’re likely to encounter on most dance floors (such as hip-hop & pop) to ensure that the moves are relevant and can be used in the majority of clubs, parties, and weddings you’ll attend.


When you download Dance Floor Arsenal, you get:



  • A full length guidebook that will teach you the fundamentals of dancing with clear, practical, directions on dance moves, technique and methodology
  • Over 20 video lessons featuring:
  • Step by step instructional tutorials for tons of different dance moves
  • Techniques and exercises to condition your body and find your rhythm
  • Directions & techniques for dancing with women
  • Interviews & insight on dancing from a woman’s perspective
  • Practice playlists to get you used to common party & club music
  • Direct access to us throughout the course. If you ever have any questions, or want us to review your progress we’re there for you. We answer all of our customer emails personally.



  • The step-by-step process and tactics for mastering dancing at clubs and parties
  • The 3 easy moves you can use to look good in 90% of dance situations
  • The two simple exercise that will instantly show you how to find your rhythm
  • The 1 principle that will allow you to dance for hours on end without worrying about coming up with more moves
  • A weird trick I stumbled upon that had women approaching me on the dance floor
  • A comprehensive guide to body language and how to physically display masculinity and confidence on and off the dance floor
  • The dance moves that ACTUALLY enhance your sex life (hint:it’s all in the hips)
  • Exercises, tools, & resources to cure the psychological blocks that most men face when learning how to dance
  • How to avoid looking ‘stiff’ when dancing
  • What to do with your arms when dancing (the number one question we get)
  • Much much more!